FAQ: Verification of Employment

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What kinds of verifications of employment do you provide?
Veri-Tax’s VOE team provides comprehensive written and verbal verifications with a borrower’s current and past employers.

Do you retrieve income history?
Yes, we have employers fully complete the Fannie Mae 1005 form to include base, bonus, commission, overtime, and confirm continued employment. Veri-Tax can customize the VOE process and reporting deliverables based on your business requirements, so just let us know what information you need!

How long does a VOE take to complete?
Verbal verifications are completed within 24 hours and written verifications with income data are completed within 24-72 hours. We understand that each VOE is an important and time sensitive requirement that needs to be completed as quickly as possible, so we follow up diligently with each employer to ensure you have the information you need.

What is your process to completing a VOE?
Our VOE team of experts researches each employer to verify the business exists and speaks to an authorized member of the employer’s human resources or payroll department to retrieve employment data. Our team follows up with the employer until the employment information is retrieved completely. Each order’s status with call notes can be viewed online, where the detailed VOE report can be downloaded once completed. Veri-Tax will never cancel an order without contacting the requestor first.

How do I get started?
Contact a member of our Customer Happiness Team (800) 969-5100 or customerhappiness@veri-tax.com to learn more.