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Twenty years makes quite a difference, and even more than one can imagine in the housing marketplace.

Bigger homes, more bedrooms, more AC, more bathrooms, bigger price tags — forget tiny houses, Americans are living up to their international stereotype.

The good and humorous people at SelfStorage.com have come up with an infographic that shows exactly how the characteristics of newly built homes have changes in two decades.

…(In 1994) Americans were living in newly built homes with fewer bedrooms, fewer bathrooms, more fireplaces and less air conditioning than today’s new homes. Oh, and let’s not overlook that those homes were far less expensive than the homes built two decades later.

In this infographic, the SelfStorage.com Moving Blog examines the evolution of the newly constructed American home. In most instances, comparisons were made between homes built in 1994 and 2014. However, in some cases (based on the availability of data), comparisons were made homes built in 2004, 2009 or 2010 and homes built in 2014.

Don’t blame us if Celine Dion’s 1994 chart topper “The Power of Love” starts rattling around in your head now.

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