Garth Hanour

Customer Happiness Team Representative

“I would like to share a story that happened the other day. This past week, I had a client reach out to us in regards to a transcript that we had received, but there was a problem with it as the IRS rejected it due to the signature/title. Andrew disputed the order earlier in the week, but we still had not received them back as of yet. I went to Feli to see if she could contact the IRS on what the status was as the client was trying to close within hours and they just needed something from them about this one particular year that we disputed for. Within about 15 minutes we received a response back from the IRS and it was exactly what our client was looking for, it made them extremely happy as they were able to finalize everything.

Customer happiness means helping the client and or employer to the best of my ability and doing everything possible to get it accomplished. You have to wear any hat and over communicate with the client or employer to know the status of the order and explain what we need in order to have the verification completed by the employer. “