FAQ: Veri-Fy

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What is Veri-FY?
Veri-Fy instantly generates tax transcripts previously ordered through Veri-Tax, without having to reorder transcripts from the IRS. Correspondent lenders, underwriters, and other financial institutions can now perform their due diligence in verifying submitted tax information without the time and cost to reorder tax transcripts.

How does Veri-FY work?
When transcripts are ordered through Veri-Tax, each transcript summary page will display an Order Number and a unique Authentication Code. Entering the combination of both codes on Veri-Tax’s web portal, whether by the original requestor, an underwriter, correspondent lender, or other authorized entity, will instantly generate the tax transcripts that were retrieved from the IRS.

How much does Veri-Fy cost?
Veri-Fy is minimal ! Customers have the option to turn on this feature and authorize other entities to access their tax transcript data, speeding the loan approval process. With Veri-Fy, secondary requestors can perform their due diligence without having to spend time or money requesting a borrower’s tax transcripts.

How does my underwriter gain access to Veri-Fy?
Secondary requestors receive their own login credentials to Veri-Tax’s online portal. To gain access to a transcript, they are required to enter the tax transcript’s order number and unique alphanumeric authentication code. The tax transcripts appear in PDF format to be downloaded and saved instantly!

How do I turn this feature on and off?
Call our Customer Happiness Team to update your account right over the phone! Call us at (800) 969-5100.