About Us

Veri-Tax is the market leader in delivering the industry’s fastest verifications helping loan originators, underwriters, loan processors, and other financial institutions meet the raised compliance and ATR/QM standards in the mortgage and consumer credit industries.

Veri-Tax has been your dependable provider for delivering fast and reliable Ability-To-Pay Solutions which include Verification of Income / Verification of Employment, 4506-T Tax Transcripts, and SSN / EIN Verifications all with our “Customer Happiness” Promise.

The foundation of Veri-Tax’s Customer Happiness Promise is rooted in the belief of our Core Values. Thanks to these 6 ideals, our team is able to deliver exceptional service.

Veri-Tax is much more than a verification company. We pride ourselves on our dynamic company culture that supports a healthy work and life balance. Complete with our very own Fun Team, we make it a habit to ‘LOL every day.’ This is just one of the reasons why we were voted a Top Workplace by the Orange County Register.


Delivering Customer Happiness

At Veri-Tax, we believe that Customer Happiness begins with more than just an intelligent provider. By cultivating a company culture and diversity that we are proud of, we are able to deliver the industry’s leading verification services to our customers. Veri-Tax has been able to happily deliver Verifications of Income and Employment (VOI/VOE), 4506-T Tax Transcripts and SSN/EIN verifications for more than two decades. This is all because we strive to nurture the environment we are in to better showcase our Customer Happiness Promise.

Our Customer Happiness Promise is more than just a saying. We deliver an individual experience to every customer with direct access to live, on shore Customer Happiness Representatives and exclusively assigned Account Managers to address any issues with user trainings, flexible billing options, and real-time order tracking.


Diversity & Inclusion

Be You. That’s What Makes us Great.

Diversity. Inclusion. They’re more than just words to us. We are committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, identity, physical ability, culture, life experiences, class, and viewpoints.

Diversity fuels our spirit, creativity, and innovation. Diversity deepens our empathy and connections with each other and with the customers, partners, and employers we serve.

We hire, empower, and grow talent in all shapes and sizes within our diverse and inclusive meritocracy. We learn relentlessly, improve constantly, and laugh frequently. We respect and value one another, and help unleash each other’s uniqueness and potential. We are greater than the sum of our parts. We punch above our weight.


Diversity is about being invited to the party, inclusion is about being asked to dance, at Veri-Tax we strive for both. Cultivating a culture of inclusion drives innovation and for a tech company that strives to deliver on Customer Happiness we have found that diversity and inclusion is vital.” – Ashly Williams, Senior Director of People Operations


Remain Compliant & Prevent Fraud

As fraud continues to rise, government and regulatory agencies continue to enact very tedious compliance requirements. Veri-Tax understands the struggle to keep up with these ever-changing rules that are becoming mandatory to keep your business fully functioning. Veri-Tax provides a suite of third-party verification solutions to keep you compliant, reduce your risk, and give you the peace of mind that accurate data is delivered to you. Our Ability-to-Pay Suite is compliant with the CFPB requirements and fulfills the Dodd Frank’s QM Ability-to Repay rules.


Improve Efficiencies with Advanced Technology

Veri-Tax has completely automated the customer experience and implemented new user interfaces, electronic signatures, custom reporting, and LOS and API integrations, to streamline a loan’s funding, accelerate underwriting decisions, and improve your overall relationship with your customers.