IRS Redesigns Tax Transcript to Protect Taxpayer Data

Moving to better protect taxpayer data, the Internal Revenue Service has introduced a new format for individual tax transcripts that will redact personally identifiable information from the Form 1040 series. This new transcript replaces the previous format and will be … Read more

Closing the Digital Mortgage Gap

It’s been nearly three years since a watershed moment propelled the concept of a digital mortgage into the public consciousness and sent the industry into a frenzy of innovation and investment. That moment, a 60-second commercial during Super Bowl 50 for … Read more

Fake Employer Mortgage Fraud Widespread in California

A mortgage scam in California where fraudsters provide fake employer information on loan applications is more widespread than originally suspected, Fannie Mae said in a new fraud alert. Fannie warned lenders about the scam in May, when it was first identified in … Read more

Partnerships abound as mortgage industry continues digital revolution

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Thinking of implementing new mortgage tech? Here’s how long it takes

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Your Mortgage Application: Underwriting and Loan Approval

Once you submit a mortgage application, it goes into underwriting. But what does underwriting mean? Mortgage underwriters examine your application and documents to approve or decline your application Computers can approve mortgages, but human underwriters must verify that your documents … Read more

A Decade Later: It’s been 10 years since the financial crisis rocked America’s economy

When John Taylor starts remembering the years leading up to the financial crisis, his fury wells up all over again. As president of the nonprofit National Community Reinvestment Coalition, he warned Congress about the predatory and fraudulent lending that was … Read more

Homeowners are sitting on a record amount of cash — and not tapping it

U.S. homeowners today are getting richer by the minute, but they are less likely to cash in on their newfound wealth than during previous housing booms. As home values rise, home equity lines of credit, often used to tap home … Read more

Questions to Expect From Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage applications can be time-consuming and tedious because after all, there’s a lot of money on the line. Lenders devised the mortgage application process to collect proof that shows the borrower can and will repay the loan in a timely manner. … Read more

Common Misconceptions First-Time Homebuyers Often Have

Online searching is a popular means for home buyers to try and locate the right home for them. But while the technology is there for people to find the right house for them, a search of what the local market can … Read more