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Veri-Tax’s Verifications of Employment are
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Veri-Tax’s Verifications of Employment (VOE) provide unbiased third-party verifications that mitigate the risk of consumer misrepresentation, reduce in-house VOE processing time and deliver compliant QM/Ability-To-Repay verifications.


    • Verbal VOEs and re-verifications completed within hours
    • Income history verified within 24-72 hours and includes original Fannie Mae 1005 completed by the employer
    • Verify bonuses, commission, overtime, and probability of continued employment
    • Self-employed VOEs include business validation


  • Unbiased third-party verifications and reduces risk of partial in-house verifications of employment.
  • Fulfills ATR/QM compliance rules that requires “reliable third party records” to verify employment for guaranteed quality and authenticity.
  • VOE processors continues to call an employer until the VOE is completed.
  • Customized VOEs based on each customer's business needs.

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